Black Lives Matter Chicago: The Dumbest Chapter

After the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the Black Lives Matter activists of Chicago – absolutely consumed by a craving for drama and activism – found two moronic ways to satisfy it.  The first popped up on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ChiCallToAction which consisted of a troupe of mostly millennial narcissists standing in the middle of the Dan Ryan expressway for a while, blocking traffic.  The second display of complete idiocy was their attempt to shut down the Taste of Chicago, a festival in which local restaurants come out to Grant Park to showcase their food, get their name out, and hopefully drum up future business.  In addition to these pathetic protests, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter – and thus the city itself – was represented by a woman appearing on a panel of The Kelly File calling for the abolishment of the Police.

After the two unfortunate shootings, I began to see on my various social media platforms people asking for information on upcoming protests in Chicagoland.  On July 7 – while most of the country was still unaware of the facts surrounding both shootings – a picture circulated that read as follows:


Today, Thursday July 7th there will be a CALL


Protest at 6pm @ 5101 S. Wentworth.

Join us as we remind this system of oppression

That our voices CAN NOT BE SILENCED.  [sic]

A Chicago Sun-Times article describes this brave and powerful protest against our system of oppression: “About 150 protesters walked up the on-ramp…[at] about 6:40 p.m., blocking local outbound lanes, according to Illinois State Police….  Police said the protesters dispersed and the lanes were clear about 8:25 p.m.”

What an absolute waste of time.  After seeing selfies and pictures of the crowd (in which some protesters can be seen taking selfies as well) appear on social media, I realized that I was confused as to what their purpose was.  What was the logic?  “Two black men were shot by the police.  We know it’s because of racism [their thought, not mine].  Therefore, we must stop people from reaching their exits on the highway.” (?)  I would welcome any amelioration of this attempt of mine to understand, but I fear I shan’t be offered anything except the usual nonsensical idea that “society needs to have its routine interrupted to make known  our grievances yada yada yada….”  As Chis Slavens points out in an article for The Libertarian Republic, “The problem with this thinking is that it’s arrogant and self-centered.  It presumes that random drivers don’t know about the cause, which is untrue; everybody knows about Black Lives Matter and the movement’s arguments.”

The nation as a whole is getting tired of Black Lives Matter blocking roads.  They irritate normal people trying to make their way through their day in the same crazy, unjust world the protesters inhabit, as well as hinder the movement of emergency vehicles like ambulances or people in cars that may need to get to a hospital for an emergency or even to give birth.  If the parents of any of these protesters needed medical attention and couldn’t receive it in time because of an idiotic, illogical road block, would they consider it a worthy casualty caused by jolting the system of oppression?  If so, I wonder when we’ll reach the day when BLM protesters simply throw themselves in front of buses as a suicide protest.  But we all know they wouldn’t do that.  Not after carefully choosing what t-shirt to wear, getting their backpack on, writing BLACK LIVES MATTER on placards, and taking innumerable selfies.  For if dead, they can’t bask in the warmth of self-satisfaction.  Also, I would love to meet the motorist who – after being made to sit on the highway on their way home for three additional hours – was brought to tears by such a beautiful display of social justice that they decided to join the protest and immerse themselves in the Black Lives Matter life by going to protests, using hashtags, and posting selfies – eventually graduating to rioting, looting, and destruction of property.  To be sure, they may have reached some people in such a way but I’d be willing to bet they only attracted other young, attention-seeking, thoughtless youths thirsty for pointless protests and unnecessary revolutions.

In his book Liberal Fascism,  Jonah Goldberg – commenting on Hillary Clinton’s health-care plan – quotes her response to a criticism that her plan would destroy countless small businesses: “I can’t save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America.”  Goldberg comments “If they can’t be part of the solution, who cares if they have a problem?”[1]  Black Lives Matter displayed this same callousness when they worked to shut down the Taste of Chicago.  In trying to close the event, they were messing with the economy of a city the population of which is made up of a large amount of black lives, closing a festival enjoyed by a large amount of black lives, and effecting the potential employment of black lives.  But, hey, if these black lives can’t be part of the solution, who cares if they have a problem? “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!…

BLM of Chicago was probably so excited that these two unfortunate shootings happened to coincide nearly perfectly with the Taste of Chicago, the largest food festival in the world.  For this gave them an actual target upon which to focus their unfounded rage instead of throwing water bottles (hopefully filled with only water) at cops on horseback.  CBS reported that “On Facebook, more than 600 people committed to joining the demonstration.  Their intended message was: No justice, no revenue.”  In 2015, the Taste made $320, 205 in profit.  In 2014, because of rain on the busiest day, Saturday, the Taste had losses of about $169,000.  I don’t know if Black Lives Matter realized that by shutting down the event, they’d stop the city from getting a couple hundred thousand dollars.  They probably took a quick glance at the pdf available from the (if they did any research at all) where one reads “$106 Million total business activity to the Chicago economy.”  “Total business activity”: the restaurants represented there are the ones who benefit the most, and, therefore, the communities they come from and the people in those communities who work for them and buy from them.  This is their opportunity to gain exposure to people from all around Chicago and even the world (2% of the visitors are international).  This is an opportunity for local restaurants to show what they have to offer and drum up business, which in turn would allow them to hire more people in the future.  Black Lives Matter seems not to care that this increases the likelihood of low-skilled workers, or even vain college students like themselves, finding a job.  Plus, most of the black lives actually working for the restaurants at the Taste are probably getting a lot of hours, some of which may count as overtime.  But none of this matters to the kids who want to run around with a backpack on, yell slogans, and pray so hard that they will be the picture the Chicago Tribune uses for its feature article, or that they will be visible on the evening news coverage (this being more desirable, I would imagine).

The City of Chicago estimated that there would be about one million visitors to the Taste of Chicago this year (attendance seems to hover around just over one million – depending on the weather).  But Black Lives Matter didn’t seem to notice – or even bother to learn – that about 40 percent of those visiting are African-American.  I wonder how many of those nearly 400,000 African-American visitors were with the few hundred BLM protesters trying to shut down what seems to be an enjoyable event for Black Chicago.  As is becoming more and more obvious, Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives.  I realize that their desire to ruin an event enjoyed by nearly 400,000 black people is not on par with them completely ignoring black on black crime, but, this does show that they are indeed a mob of vain, self-absorbed whiners more concerned with getting attention than with finding real solutions to real problems.  All in all, I don’t think that they made much of an impact.  Daniel Gerzina wrote at that “Attendance at this year’s Taste of Chicago was on par with 2015, reeling in an estimated 1.4 million people to Grant Park last week, according to data provided by the city.”  I’d imagine profits were similar to last year’s as well.  This would seem to line up with the coverage of CBS Chicago in which one interviewee says “If their goal was to shut it down, they definitely failed.”  Another (African-American) when asked if BLM was shutting the Taste down replied “Oh no, not at all.”

All of this obnoxiousness was capped off oh so beautifully and perfectly by a Black Lives Matter member from Chicago on national television calling for the abolishment of all police.  “We need to abolish the police.  Period.” she claimed.  I don’t wish here to argue about what she said (it is plain idiocy) or point out how much of what she said was also just plain false (police started as slave patrols?), but only to highlight that she has been manipulated and exploited in the same way that feminists have been.  Much in the way that feminists think they are helping themselves by taking their shirts off or having casual sex and yet end up only giving their “oppressor” (men) what they want, this lady sits on television advocating for a situation that would not benefit her in the least but would instead benefit criminals – the real oppressor in crime-ridden communities.

As if Chicago didn’t already have enough of a problem with its reputation what with political corruption, Al Capone, gang and gun violence, rowdy sports fans, and all the rest of it, we are now being represented nationwide by our local chapter of Black Lives Matter.  Yes, our local troupe of vain morons who act solely on the basis of feeling while completely disregarding facts and evidence that counters their narrative.  They try to disrupt the circulation of the city, mess with its economy, and make outrageous claims like proposing the abolishment of the police.  All of this while failing to achieve their goals, failing to help black lives, and taking selfies for their social media platforms.  All of this for attention. “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter….”

[1] Goldberg, Jonah, Liberal Fascism, 2009, pg. 340.


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