The Alt Right in France: Interview with Electre

Electre lives in France and has a notable presence in the realm of the Alt Right.  I reached out to her for some information on the state of the Alt Right in France.  She was kind enough to provide me with very detailed answers.  Electre has a Twitter following of more than 12.4K and can be followed @ElectreIsMore.  A French translation of this interview can be found here at her website  Thank you, Electre.


What led you to the Alt Right?

After more than a decade documenting and exposing the islamization of
Europe, my research led me to discover how and why it is happening,
and to focus not just on the symptom but on the disease itself.
Luckily, watching the meteoric and unimaginable rise of the Alt Right
gave me the hope for change I had been, hitherto, losing. I’ve been an
active part of it ever since these ideas started to go mainstream, out
of the 4chan boards they were brooding in. What led me to the alt right
in a nutshell? Knowledge, anger and hope.

How popular is the Alt Right in France?

The Alt Right is not just an ideology but, most importantly, an irreverent,
fresh and high-energy modern modus operandi. Unfortunately, the only
true French nationalists – because we’re talking about real nationalism
here, not “cucked,” naive patriotism – who actually think Alt Right, don’t
behave Alt Right. At all. In fact, their ways are quite the opposite:
unattractive and dusty, low-key and low-energy. Repelling instead of
red-pilling. The kind of people with a sense of priorities so high they
would disavow and attack anyone and anything not worthy (according to
their super high traditional standards) of defending what they defend,
instead of considering – even for a second – teaming up. This kind of
elitist behavior is a typical weakness of our international nationalist
spheres and goes by the name of “purity spiraling.” This stagnant and
exclusionary mindset led most radical French nationalists to attack me
as the enemy due to my modern, atypical profile. Therefore, they cannot
be considered Alt Right.

A French clique that is closer to the Alt Right would be the
Dieudonné/Soral circle, as it firmly holds the mandatory Jewise views
while effectively reaching a broader “normie”-like audience.
Unfortunately, both leaders ditched the ethno-nationalist question in
favor of an illusory reconciliation and alliance with the French-raised
Muslim masses, while the Alt Right is all about race realism and
remigration. Still doesn’t fit the bill.

Both of these two sections are aware and loud about the Jewish Question
(JQ) and represent a minority of the vast part of the people holding
patriotic beliefs while still being cucked or deliberately silent.
While the “racist” label has lost its incapacitating power on a majority
of right-wingers, most are still terrified to be labelled “anti-Semitic” in
a cucked country where discussing the Jewish Question is usually poorly
regarded and can get you jailed faster and longer than any recidivist
rapist. Especially since any criticism of Jewish influence always faces
charges of anti-Semitism and social annihilation. Even (and especially
within genuine patriotic circles) tricked into seeing Israel as our
greatest ally against the rise of Islam – the greatest irony since
Zionists are actually at the root of the West’s islamization. But
shhhhh… don’t you dare…


Such is the status of Alt Right ideas and the difficulty in expressing
them here.

BUT… last year, months before the Alt Right shitstorm hit the MSM fan,
I explained in an interview (first mention of the Alt Right in French
media!), how my atypic profile is not a threat but an asset when it
comes to fight modernity, and how I embody both aspects of the AR
resistance, its form and its substance. For months now I am proud to say
I have dedicated myself to paving the way toward the great uncucking of
France. I am accomplishing this by carefully and resolutely calling out
the mass fraud imposed on this nation and crafting a small – yet truly
Alt Right – network of people, thereby fomenting appropriate couRage. Real
concerns are being brought up here and having an impact already,
evidenced especially by the “French” government and Twitter actively
censoring me.

Why am I proud? Because I know I’m doing the right thing
and, in spite of everything, the number of )))uncucked((( French
patriots is growing by the day, fueled by both the hard facts and the
success of the Alt Right.

Is the Alt Right in France influenced by la nouvelle droite (European New Right)?

I would say the French nouvelle droite did influence the Alt Right. In
addition to sharing common thinkers (such as Spengler) both convey the
notions of race and identity, as well as unity. In Why We Fight and
Archeofuturism (a word that evokes the f(l)ashy yet traditional
aesthetics of the Alt Right), prominent French thinker Guillaume Faye
goes so far as advocating an alliance between Pagans and Christians to
save the Occident.

Do you connect with people from around the world in the Alt Right sphere?

Shitloads. From all over the world. Mainly USA but also Germany,
Austria, Spain, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Italy et al… Our ideas are
rooted everywhere, and it is a daily jubilance to see so many different
people rejoice in the same fight. English is essential to our
communication and French people, unfortunately, get left behind for not
liking it, to the point that they often get at me for speaking it too much.


Do you have any demonstrations planned soon?

There are no Alt Right demonstrations planned anytime soon in France, for
there is no real Alt Right presence here. As for myself, I go with the
flow and am always here to represent Alt Right ideas and support sincere
popular protests, like the ongoing police revolt.

Is there anything misunderstood about the Alt Right in your eyes?

Except for spergslords who don’t understand the Alt Right is about a
winning change of strategy and who refuse to bond with fellow Jewise
whites (because “muh haircut”) I think most of us realized what are the
things we can safely compromise on.

As for the normies, the pitfall would be envisioning the Alt Right in
compliance with the fake, toned-down icons the MSM is pushing, such as
Milo who, whilst sporting reactionary themes, does not portray the AR


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