A Proposal to Protest Mexico

CALL TO ACTION: Turning the Tables.  Mexico has interfered with our elections for the last time!!!


Wanted:  To start – one to two million goys and shiksas to report for duty at the U.S./Mexico border Saturday, January 21, 2017.

The Plan:  Our plan is twofold – Part A being the short-term, Part B being the long-term.

Part A:

Step 1:  Flood the country.  Poor over the border in large amounts.  We will likely end up concentrated in the more northerly part of the country but we must make an effort to go as far south as possible and establish a presence throughout the country.

Step 2:  DO NOT LEAVE.  We must stay there with no plans to return to America.

Step 3:  VERY IMPORTANT – Almost immediately we must start calling all Mexicans “racist.”  Scream it as you run into their communities.  You should use the word “racist” at least 100 times a day but only when referring to Mexicans.  Part of our long-term plan (B) is to convince them that we can’t be racist.

Step 4:  It is very likely that the Mexican population will call this an “invasion.”  Just continue to call them racist for saying that and also add that they are “scared of diversity and competition.”  Let’s take a page from the book of Jorge Ramos and keep telling them that “It’th purely an economic thituathion.”

Step 5:  It is also likely that we will be called “illegal immigrants” or some other term.  Just say that this is racist and insist on being called “undocumented workers” – even if you’re not working.

Part B:

Step 1:  Once our initial one to two million are in Mexico, we must immediately begin setting up systems to get more goys and shiksas south of the border.  This can include digging tunnels, hiding in vehicles, finding safe spots to climb the wall, passing out pamphlets explaining how to cross the border, etc.  This will also include helping our fellow American protesters once they arrive to certain cities.  We will hide them from the police and help them find a job as well as provide them with any fake documents they may need.

Step 2:  Luckily, Mexico already has birthright citizenship.  Let’s make them regret it!  This will help create a system for Step 1 of Part B, for shiksas can simply run across the border and pop out a baby, thus ensuring immediate citizenship for the baby and an easy path to it for the parents.  Also, we must demand a fast and easy pathway to citizenship for those of us who simply crossed the border or flew in and never left.  When these demands are met, we must then make sure that the naturalization ceremonies are conducted in English for us instead of Spanish.

Step 3:  Even while we wait for our demand of easy citizenship to be granted, we must demand that we are allowed to vote in Mexican elections.  We must also go door to door trying to convince Mexicans that they should vote for a candidate that will work for us and not them.

Step 4:  Demand that we are able to obtain driver’s licenses.  Hopefully we can use these to vote in elections until we become citizens there.

Step 5:  Enroll your children in Mexican schools.  Then demand that lessons be offered in English.  If met with any resistance, refer to Step 3 of Part A.  Our protesters will likely not do so well in the Mexican schools to start, so we must also demand affirmative action that will allow us to be accepted into Mexican schools and colleges at a higher rate than we deserve.  We will of course demand that we are given Mexican government funding to attend school and we should probably brag about it on social media as well.

Step 6:  Begin rounding up your fellow American protesters and stage sit-ins, marches, rallies, etc.  Always make sure to bring an American flag with you.


Step 7:  VERY IMPORTANT – We will need to set up our own media outlets aimed at informing our protesters.  This could also help entrench steps 3, 4, and 5 of Part A in the public consciousness.

Step 8:  Start an organization called “The Race.

Step 9:  When we get a Mexican politician who is running for office who favors us more than the Mexicans, we must make sure that they do commercials in English instead of Spanish.  They should also Tweet in English from time to time as well.

Step 10:  We will eventually take over large sections of the country (we will have areas that we will call “neighborhoods” in which one can find American restaurants, American grocery stores, and street signs bearing English names).  The Mexicans will probably flee to different areas of the country in order to maintain their culture.  It is important to call them “racist” for doing so.  When this begins, we must push for a government program that will force us into their communities.  We will say it is in the name of “diversity.”


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