Classroom Anecdote 2: Noel Ignatiev

Last week, my Cultural Marxism 101 “professor” began class with an interview she had recently heard on NPR (Of course!).  The audio clip was of two women talking in soft, grave voices about “segregation.”  One woman was talking about how she had been sending her kid to a big, urban school that was very diverse – something she particularly liked.  (What is “very diverse,” by the way?  Two white kids in the whole school?)  While she was happy with the low-trust environment she had sent her child to, she did, however, notice a “new segregation.”  What is this “new segregation?”  Well, this astute woman noticed that at a certain time of day, when the students are meant to go to more difficult classes like honors or AP, it was mostly white students going upstairs to the honors classes and mostly black students going downstairs for the normal classes.  She was duly shocked – the “correct” reaction.

Amidst my eye rolling and heavy sighing, I heard one of the speakers (I’m pretty sure it was the parent) drop the name Noel Ignatiev, referencing something that he had written and which she had read like a good little libtard.  I didn’t listen to the rest of the interview.  I had to do some quick Googling beneath the desk to make sure I was right.  And indeed, I was.  Noel Ignatiev hates white people and has essentially called for their genocide.  In class, about a week prior to this session, I had made my case that the subject of this course, white privilege, is just a weapon to use against white people to shut them down and immobilize them, making them rethink every thought and wallow in guilt while no other people need do the same.  It is a false, shoddy narrative constructed on a foundation of anti-white hatred.  Of course, the class backed down when called out on this (like these people usually do) and hid behind their specter of “whiteness.”  “It’s not ‘white people,’ it’s the construct of ‘whiteness.’” Pffft.  Well, now I had a nice, direct statement of anti-white hatred to bring to the attention of the class.


When the audio had ended and after my “professor” pontificated a bit about how unfair white society is, I raised my hand.

“Did they mention Noel Ignatiev in there?  The guy that wrote How the Irish Became White?”

“Uh yeah, I think so.  I can give you the link with the information,” she answered.

“Oh, no, I don’t need it.  I just wanted to note that this is a guy who said that the abolition of the white race is a desirable thing.”

“Oh yeah,” she said waving her hand and partially shrugging like it means nothing.

“Oh yeah, we’ll just shrug that off,” I quipped.

“Yeah but he’s also said other reputable things.  Malcolm X said that too,” she said before returning casually to her discourse.

So there you have it folks: a Latina teacher in a modern American university shrugging off calls for white genocide, dismissing the explicit desire of someone to have all white people disappear as nothing to take note of.  And yet we will spend two whole class periods talking about how some Latina feels uncomfortable that Americans would prefer it if she speaks English.

Well, since calls for genocide aren’t any big deal, I expect we’ll be moving on to Mein Kampf next week.  I’m sure Herr Hitler has said some reputable things as well.

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  1. As a Christian undergrad student, we might think in different ways, but I too have seen this happen in college. Leftist indoctrination centers. excuse me. Note how if the words were reversed it would be an act of inexcusable racism. Standards for thee but not for me.

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