I have recently had a few discussions and arguments about the demographics of America.  When I have mentioned that whites are becoming a minority, I have been told that this is not true.  I find this surprising because it is very easy to find people of color gloating about this on the internet (especially here) and even ethno-masochistic whites “bravely” agreeing that this is a good thing.  (If you think things will be fine and dandy for whites when this happens, look at South Africa.)

Hopefully the trends leading to this phenomenon (low white birth rates, high minority birth rates and non-European immigration) can be halted and reversed by a Donald Trump presidency.  The point of this post is to give some quick statistics that show that the white population is indeed shrinking.  While this information can be used to shut down people of color who deny it happening, I think it is best to show it to whites who are unaware of the future that awaits them, their children and their grandchildren.

Research based on data from the Census Bureau and published by the Brookings Institution projects a long-term decline for America’s white population.  While it will increase steadily for some time, it is projected to drop to 49.7 percent of the population by 2044.  By 2060, factoring in growth of Asian, Hispanic and multiracial populations, the white population is projected to drop to 44 percent.


The nation’s foreign-born population has grown from 9.6 million in 1965 to 45 million in 2015 according to the Pew Research Center.  If current trends continue, immigrants and their descendants are projected to represent 88 percent of the nation’s population increase, or about 103 million people, while the nation grows to a projected total of 441 million.


In 1965 the white population was 84 percent of the population.  After the passing of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, not only did the racial and ethnic makeup change, but the white population shrank to 62 percent by 2015.  The Pew analysis shows that the white population would have been 75 percent in 2015 without the passing of this act.


To some extent, it is true to say that whites are not becoming a minority, but this is only true in the sense that even if whites were 49 percent of the population, they would still be the largest racial demographic.  However, the country would then be “minority-majority,” meaning that all the minorities added together would represent a majority.  And since they all are united as “people of color” while they wage this demographic war, there really are just two teams: whites and non-whites.


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