kingcobrajfs: malapropisms and mispronunciations (to be continued…)

Things that m’lord has said incorrectly. Slowly combing through clips to add any more that I hear for myself. Catch you cool cobras later.

“Cardinal Cherries” for Cordial Cherries

“Billie Elighzh” for Billie Eilish

“Pramazhan” for Parmesan

“Bill Barr” for Bill Burr

“Churn O’Boil” for Chernobyl

“monitorization” for monetization

“phonicsly” for phonetically

“nestle” (as in to settle or lie comfortably within or against something) for NestlĂ© (candy company)

“bronze” for brawn

“Val Killmore” for Val Kilmer

“Tommy Lorraine” for Tomi Lahren

“liebary” for library

“genetic” for generic

“Joseph Go-Bells” for Josef Goebbels (forgivable, but hilarious when he read it)

“Zakk Wade” for Zakk Wylde

“Joy Davidson” for Joy Division

“with faded breath” for “with bated breath”

“straight from the source’s mouth” for “straight from the horse’s mouth” (what he said works in a literal sense, but I think he was reaching for the idiom, since he’s a gothic cowboy from hell)

“crasst” for crass

“indocturned” for indoctrinated

“Saringhetto” for Sargento (cheese)

“montrary” for monetary

“Malia Kunis” for Mila Kunis (and “Mia Khalifa” for Mila Kunis)

“conundruff” for conundrum

“internally grateful” for eternally grateful

“waffling” for wafting (through the air)

“sentative” for sentemint

“The Exorcism” for The Exorcist (perhaps forgivable, but here’s the context: He quoted – or misquoted – a part then went “Anyone? Anyone? C’mon, am I the only one who’s seen ‘The Exorcism?'” So I’m including it because of his hubris.)

“Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a chance” instead of “…for a change”

“Bigotism” for bigotry

“In jail for a good, stenchy length of time” for “…a good stretch of time”

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