Atheism as Masturbation

In a debate by Intelligence Squared U.S., the motion of which is “Science Refutes God,” the always eloquent and extremely impressive speaker Dinesh D’Souza said the following as a response to a question concerning religious experiences: “We’re talkin’ here about an experience [of having the sense of some experience of God] that’s been had by... Continue Reading →


Down Town

Well, it’s very modern, you know – to build buildings such as these, skyscrapers they’re called…gratte-ciel…grattacieli…cloud-gorers, even.  I’ve heard it said that the skyscraper began here – what an honor!  William Le Baron Jenney!  I once read « Le luxe des ‘skyscrapers’, c’est de permettre à l’être humain de monter au-dessus de lui-même. » - oh! and... Continue Reading →

Fucking Friday

Today is Friday.  I am sitting at a Starbucks typing this – something I very rarely do (typing at Starbucks, that is).  I recognize the staff here.  I think maybe one or two of them recognize me.  I usually come here with a buddy of mine, sometimes on a Friday, but he is out of... Continue Reading →

On Discovering Through Reading

A friend once expressed to me a frustration that prevents him from becoming more of a reader.  After leaving a second-hand bookstore, he explained (empty-handed) that everything is arranged by author and since he knows no authors, he can’t look for and find anything he would perhaps like to buy and read.  I pointed out... Continue Reading →

The Congress of Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Donald Trump is running for president.  There are many people who believe that his experience as a businessman is an attribute for a potential president.  There are many people who believe that business experience will not translate well into the political, or more precisely, presidential realm.  Should politicians be politicians only?  Can a person successfully... Continue Reading →

On an Apple Peeled

How I hate to see an apple peeled!  One morning in the early spring, I was out for my usual weekend bike ride (and yes, I mean bicycle – how “bike” becomes or became motorcycle is another topic). After zigzagging through the side streets of the suburbs for some time, I came to the trails... Continue Reading →

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