An International Movement That is More Than Memes

An International Movement That is More Than Memes

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally written for submission to a university newspaper.

The Alt Right has gone from being a minor fringe movement to one that has propelled Donald Trump to the presidency in a little more than a year.

But this movement is still relatively unknown.

“I only heard about it on Sam Roberts’ show when he was talking about that speech Hillary made,” said Amanda Knapp, 27, of Chicago, Ill.

Knapp is referring to Hillary Clinton’s speech of August 25 in Reno, Nevada.  Google Trends shows that the phrase “Alt Right” hit its height from Aug. 21-27, going from one to 100.  It has since gone down to 19.

“From the little bit I know about the Alt Right, it seems extreme, and I don’t generally like extremism,” said Knapp.  She said that while racism itself isn’t anything new in America, the anti-Semitism of the Alt Right seems new and disturbing.

“I started noticing a lot more Alt Right stuff when Trump started getting more popular,” said Ryan Basse, 22, an engineering student at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

He said that he has been following the election from the beginning and began noticing more and more Alt Right symbols, such as the green frog Pepe.


Pepe has been adopted as a mascot by the Alt Right and is used by many members on their Twitter and Facebook profiles.  Pepe is part of the culture of the Alt Right and is often associated with an ancient Egyptian god, Kek, since Kek is also a frog.

This link comes from internet forums like 4chan where “kek” often replaces “lol.”  Since he is often seen in racist or anti-Semitic contexts, such as wearing Nazi uniforms or saying racial slurs, the Anti-Defamation League has considered him a hate symbol.

“When that guy yelled ‘Pepe!’ at Hillary’s speech, I thought that was hilarious,” Basse said.

Basse doesn’t consider himself a member of the Alt Right and said that it doesn’t bother him that the movement supports Donald Trump.  “I don’t care.  Who cares who supports who?” he said.

“Everybody’s acting like the Alt Right is just kids trying to piss people off by sending them pictures of swastikas or saying the n-word,” said one Chicagoan who uses the pseudonym Henry Wendell.

Wendell said, “I’m tired of that coverage.  I’ve never heard anyone saying where we get our ideas from.”

Wendell said he uses a pseudonym because people get in trouble for being in the Alt Right.

He did not want to provide an occupation but said he does have a job.

Wendell said he is currently trying to start an Alt Right meetup group in Chicago in the hopes of growing the movement.  “Once people hear our ideas, they usually agree with what we have to say,” he said.

He said he wants to start meeting up with friends and “red-pill them.”  “Red-pilling” is what the Alt Right calls the process of learning and agreeing with their ideas – a metaphor taken from the movie The Matrix.

When the main character, Neo, takes the red pill instead of the blue one, he sees the world for what it truly is.

“It’s pretty easy to get people on board with our general theory of race, but the J.Q. (The Jewish Question) is a harder pill to swallow,” Wendell said.

Wendell said he usually refers people to Culture of Critique by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.  “That book shows how the Jews were highly represented in Bolshevism, Neo-Conservatism, Feminism and many more things causing us trouble,” he said.

Wendell said that he became aware of the Alt Right because of the 2016 presidential election but said, “The Alt-Right didn’t begin with Trump and it won’t end with him either.  It’s all over, it’s around the world.”

Wendell explained that what converted him to the Alt Right was reading literature by members of the European New Right.

He said, “I’ve never heard or read anything mentioning that.  They only talk about racist tweets.”

Wendell said that he reached out to Richard Spencer on Twitter to ask where he can read about the European New Right, which he had heard Spencer mention on a podcast.  “He said Tomislav Sunic, so I read Against Democracy and Equality.

Richard Spencer is viewed as one of the main spokesmen of the Alt Right.  He is the man who started and is often credited with coining the term “Alt Right.”

He now runs the National Policy Institute, an Alt Right think tank that holds annual conferences and is associated with the web journal

He said through Direct Message on Twitter that “The Alt Right was about a new beginning.  It was not just about being ‘more conservative than the conservatives.’  It was about recognizing that the conservatives were wrong from the beginning and starting all over again with a different foundation.”

Wendell agreed with this view and said that he was voting for Trump this election because he wants him to tear the whole system down.  “He’s a human Molotov cocktail,” he said.

Spencer also acknowledged the link with the European New Right.  “One of those [new beginnings], at least for me, was undoubtedly the European New Right, and Benoist and Faye, in particular.  They’ve both spoken at NPI conferences, by the way,” he said.

Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye are French intellectuals whose writings contribute to the thought of the European New Right.

Alain de Benoist is a prolific writer who has written books such as Beyond Human Rights and The Problem with Democracy.  Guillaume Faye’s books Archeofuturism and Why We Fight are popular with the Alt Right.

Electre, an Alt Right activist, 28, of Paris, France said she was the first person to mention the Alt Right in French media.

She said that the Alt Right is definitely influenced by the European New Right and that she was led to the Alt Right by knowledge, anger and hope.

“Luckily, watching the meteoric and unimaginable rise of the Alt Right gave me the hope for change I had been, hitherto, losing.  I’ve been an active part of it ever since these ideas started to go mainstream, out of the 4chan boards they were brooding in,” she said in an email.

“I would say the French ‘nouvelle droite’ [the European New Right] did influence the Alt Right.  In addition to sharing common thinkers, such as Oswald Spengler, both convey the notions of race and identity, as well as unity,” she said.

The Decline of the West, a book by the late Oswald Spengler, a 19th century German writer still influences the Alt Right.

She said that there are people in France that “think Alt Right” but don’t “behave Alt Right.”  She mentioned a clique she called the “Dieudonné/Soral circle,” which she said is the closest thing to the American Alt Right in that they “are aware and loud about the Jewish Question.”

She said that “while the ‘racist’ label has lost its incapacitating power on a majority of right-wingers, most are still terrified to be labelled ‘anti-Semitic.’”

Electre has a notable internet presence and a Twitter following of more than 12,000.  She said she communicates with people from all around the world in America, Germany, Austria, Spain, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Italy and more.

Veronica Bouchard, 19, of Ontario, Canada, is known in Alt Right circles by her internet alias Evalion.

Bouchard is notorious for her YouTube videos such as “How to Identify a Jew” and another showing her sing “Happy Birthday” to a picture of Adolf Hitler hung above cupcakes with swastikas made of frosting.

While Bouchard prefers to think of herself as a National Socialist, she is well-known in the Alt Right and when she was banned from YouTube, many people began reuploading her videos to Alt Right channels.

“Every day, more young people are being attracted to National Socialism and, because of this, the future looks bright,” she said through Direct Message on Twitter.

She said she thinks she was removed from YouTube because people were agreeing with her content.

“I attracted a LOT (sic) of youth to my content and exposed them to National Socialism.  I get a bunch of messages from teens thanking me for this.  Certainly, this made the powers that be scared.  They know that this generation craves something more than the stale political parties we were presented with all of our lives and I guided them to the truth,” she said.

Spencer said that while he dislikes things said about him in the media, he is “definitely of the philosophy of ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity.’  Getting over ignorance of our ideas was the first hurdle.”

The Alt Right in France: Interview with Electre

Electre lives in France and has a notable presence in the realm of the Alt Right.  I reached out to her for some information on the state of the Alt Right in France.  She was kind enough to provide me with very detailed answers.  Electre has a Twitter following of more than 12.4K and can be followed @ElectreIsMore.  A French translation of this interview can be found here at her website  Thank you, Electre.


What led you to the Alt Right?

After more than a decade documenting and exposing the islamization of
Europe, my research led me to discover how and why it is happening,
and to focus not just on the symptom but on the disease itself.
Luckily, watching the meteoric and unimaginable rise of the Alt Right
gave me the hope for change I had been, hitherto, losing. I’ve been an
active part of it ever since these ideas started to go mainstream, out
of the 4chan boards they were brooding in. What led me to the alt right
in a nutshell? Knowledge, anger and hope.

How popular is the Alt Right in France?

The Alt Right is not just an ideology but, most importantly, an irreverent,
fresh and high-energy modern modus operandi. Unfortunately, the only
true French nationalists – because we’re talking about real nationalism
here, not “cucked,” naive patriotism – who actually think Alt Right, don’t
behave Alt Right. At all. In fact, their ways are quite the opposite:
unattractive and dusty, low-key and low-energy. Repelling instead of
red-pilling. The kind of people with a sense of priorities so high they
would disavow and attack anyone and anything not worthy (according to
their super high traditional standards) of defending what they defend,
instead of considering – even for a second – teaming up. This kind of
elitist behavior is a typical weakness of our international nationalist
spheres and goes by the name of “purity spiraling.” This stagnant and
exclusionary mindset led most radical French nationalists to attack me
as the enemy due to my modern, atypical profile. Therefore, they cannot
be considered Alt Right.

A French clique that is closer to the Alt Right would be the
Dieudonné/Soral circle, as it firmly holds the mandatory Jewise views
while effectively reaching a broader “normie”-like audience.
Unfortunately, both leaders ditched the ethno-nationalist question in
favor of an illusory reconciliation and alliance with the French-raised
Muslim masses, while the Alt Right is all about race realism and
remigration. Still doesn’t fit the bill.

Both of these two sections are aware and loud about the Jewish Question
(JQ) and represent a minority of the vast part of the people holding
patriotic beliefs while still being cucked or deliberately silent.
While the “racist” label has lost its incapacitating power on a majority
of right-wingers, most are still terrified to be labelled “anti-Semitic” in
a cucked country where discussing the Jewish Question is usually poorly
regarded and can get you jailed faster and longer than any recidivist
rapist. Especially since any criticism of Jewish influence always faces
charges of anti-Semitism and social annihilation. Even (and especially
within genuine patriotic circles) tricked into seeing Israel as our
greatest ally against the rise of Islam – the greatest irony since
Zionists are actually at the root of the West’s islamization. But
shhhhh… don’t you dare…


Such is the status of Alt Right ideas and the difficulty in expressing
them here.

BUT… last year, months before the Alt Right shitstorm hit the MSM fan,
I explained in an interview (first mention of the Alt Right in French
media!), how my atypic profile is not a threat but an asset when it
comes to fight modernity, and how I embody both aspects of the AR
resistance, its form and its substance. For months now I am proud to say
I have dedicated myself to paving the way toward the great uncucking of
France. I am accomplishing this by carefully and resolutely calling out
the mass fraud imposed on this nation and crafting a small – yet truly
Alt Right – network of people, thereby fomenting appropriate couRage. Real
concerns are being brought up here and having an impact already,
evidenced especially by the “French” government and Twitter actively
censoring me.

Why am I proud? Because I know I’m doing the right thing
and, in spite of everything, the number of )))uncucked((( French
patriots is growing by the day, fueled by both the hard facts and the
success of the Alt Right.

Is the Alt Right in France influenced by la nouvelle droite (European New Right)?

I would say the French nouvelle droite did influence the Alt Right. In
addition to sharing common thinkers (such as Spengler) both convey the
notions of race and identity, as well as unity. In Why We Fight and
Archeofuturism (a word that evokes the f(l)ashy yet traditional
aesthetics of the Alt Right), prominent French thinker Guillaume Faye
goes so far as advocating an alliance between Pagans and Christians to
save the Occident.

Do you connect with people from around the world in the Alt Right sphere?

Shitloads. From all over the world. Mainly USA but also Germany,
Austria, Spain, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Italy et al… Our ideas are
rooted everywhere, and it is a daily jubilance to see so many different
people rejoice in the same fight. English is essential to our
communication and French people, unfortunately, get left behind for not
liking it, to the point that they often get at me for speaking it too much.


Do you have any demonstrations planned soon?

There are no Alt Right demonstrations planned anytime soon in France, for
there is no real Alt Right presence here. As for myself, I go with the
flow and am always here to represent Alt Right ideas and support sincere
popular protests, like the ongoing police revolt.

Is there anything misunderstood about the Alt Right in your eyes?

Except for spergslords who don’t understand the Alt Right is about a
winning change of strategy and who refuse to bond with fellow Jewise
whites (because “muh haircut”) I think most of us realized what are the
things we can safely compromise on.

As for the normies, the pitfall would be envisioning the Alt Right in
compliance with the fake, toned-down icons the MSM is pushing, such as
Milo who, whilst sporting reactionary themes, does not portray the AR

On Skittles: How Liberal Virtue Signalers Helped Birth a New Slur


Donald Trump Jr. made a post on Twitter on September 19 that is a perfect analogy to the problem America faces when deciding whether or not to take in Syrian refugees.  Over a bowl full of Skittles was written the following: “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?  That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” The tweet has since been taken down.



Last I checked, it had 15.6K retweets and 24.4K likes.  The backlash came from many sides, but they were all virtue signals.  Many people said that it was insulting to compare human beings to candy.  Some changed the analogy around to make fun of Trump.  But no one seemed to disagree with the point: I didn’t see anyone say that they would indeed take a handful and eat it, nor did I see anyone say they would take Syrian refugees into their home – not even just three.  Can anyone deny the argument or the strength of the analogy?

New Observer Online reported on the same day that 4 ISIS members were arrested in Germany posing as refugees.  That’s four poisoned skittles removed from the bowl.

Still, Twitter users attacked the Trump, Jr. tweet.  Wrigley – the owner of Skittles – responded: “Skittles are candy.  Refugees are people.  We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy.  We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing,” said Vice President of Corporate Affairs Denise Young said in a statement.

Throughout the day, a few different hashtags popped up on Twitter as part of this “backlash.”  Playing off of the comment made by Wrigley was #skittlesarenotpeople.  This hashtag was duly mocked by those who believe the analogy to be strong:


A week after the initial tweet and the backlash that ensued, the word “skittle” is catching on as a term for terrorists from the Middle East and will probably soon be used for Moslems in general.


I anticipate that there may be readers who would like to blame Donald Trump, Jr. for this happening.  Well then, be on the lookout for a new slur to be birthed every time an analogy is made. (Every time an analogy is made, a minority gets a name.)  The name is catching on solely because of the backlash against the analogy and the virtue-signalers using the hashtag #skittlesarenotpeople.  It is used now to make those who took part in the backlash regret their signaling – and it will likely work.

Some Thoughts on The Hijab (With Pictures)

Talk and thought of hijabs have resurfaced in my life once again with the appearance of Ibtihaj Muhammad upon the world stage representing the USA in the Olympics.  (To hear my thoughts on Ms. Muhammad and the Olympics, a podcast done by myself and a friend can be found here.)  In this post, I merely wish to address a complaint commonly made by hijabis (those who wear the hijab) which is that they feel that some of us non-Muslims may give them strange looks or even stare at them.  They often deduce from these regards that there are many people out there who simply cannot – or will not – tolerate the hijab, seeing it as a symbol of Islamic terrorism.  While folks like this undoubtedly do exist, I honestly think that this is becoming a bit of a straw man and that much in the same way that quite literally any criticism of Islam is now deemed “Islamophobic,” any glance at a hijabi is quickly characterized as the behavior of an intolerant bigot.  Moreover, I believe that the number of people in America who wish to rip hijabs off of the heads of Muslim women is dwindling and dying – yes, even with Donald Trump’s “hateful rhetoric.”  The fact is, if you live in or close to a large or major city, people are likely well aware of hijabis and that they are nothing to fear.  But, as one who is guilty of staring – perhaps even leering – at hijabis, please allow me to make a few points in defense of this behavior.

If you are a Muslim woman who wears the hijab and feel that you are being looked at or stared at often, it could very well be because you are hot – yes, attractive, beautiful, easy on the eyes.  Are you telling me that if you saw one of these three beauties on a bus or train, you wouldn’t steal glances at them?

What if this group of Persian women sashayed on by?  My god, look at the second from the left!  Look at those pants!  These women are all nines!

FullSizeRender (6)

One must also keep in mind that you can wear the hijab and still have a great body.  Look at this girl:

FullSizeRender (9)

Also, if you are a naturally pretty girl with some makeup skills and a knack for accessorizing, you’ll attract eyes with or without a hijab:

FullSizeRender (8)

And dear god, let’s not forget about the power of tall boots and high heels.  Fucking hell, if either one of these two were to stride past me I’d bite my fist and moan longingly:


Now, I am a guy who already – for some reason – finds himself drawn to hijabis.  I find them attractive.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ll tell you it’s not that cheap thought that many have which is that there’s an element of “mystery” involved since one knows not what’s ‘neath the scarf.  Honestly, though, that’s not the case.  All the women pictured above are hot with the scarf on.  I’m not dying to see what’s underneath.  What the hijab adds is what I find attractive.  But the aesthetics of the hijab and it’s many stylistic variations is another topic for another time and could probably fill a book. Now don’t misunderstand me, there are also boring and ugly ways to wear the hijab, but I’m not even going to put pictures of these styles in this post – look it up.  I’m sure anyone can imagine the bland women of Islam.  The bottom line is this: if you’re hot and you wear the hijab, you’re still hot; if you’re ugly and you wear the hijab, you’re still ugly.  And hot girls get attention whether they want it or not.  I’m sorry.

As I said above, if you live in a metropolitan area, the people around you are most likely aware of the hijab and don’t even give it much thought.  I’m speaking generally here, in the same way that America is not racist but racist people exist, there are of course some people who disdain the hijab while the population as a whole remains tolerant.  However, if you wear a hijab and end up in some small town in the middle of Missouri of Montana, you will likely be stared at.  And why not?  This is something the inhabitants of these locales have probably never seen in person before.  As somewhat of a parallel, the first time I saw a woman wearing a burqa in person was, for me, a bit of a shock.  Here I am, a kid about 12 years of age who grew up in the suburbs and has only had a few Muslim schoolmates, none of whom wore a hijab.  Suddenly in a Chuck E. Cheese I see two women who seem to be gliding over the ground completely swallowed up in long, flowing, anthracite fabric.  This is the sort of sight that a child like me would have only seen around Halloween.  I remember simply standing there and staring.  Another kid near me was jeering at the women and one of them turned to him while pulling her son along and said that she’d hit the loudmouth if his parents wouldn’t do it.  This was an all-around bizarre experience.

burqa bench

Now the climate these days is that we (white Americans) ought to feel somewhat ashamed when we are shocked by contact with a culture we’ve never seen in person before.  But why shouldn’t we be?  I originally planned to use as an analogy a woman dressed like this

skirt and blouse

or this

julie gayet titties

walking down the streets of Riyadh, but then it occurred to me that the Saudis are already well aware that women dress like this, for they see their sisters and mothers without their burqa.  So instead let’s imagine a woman in a hijab or burqa is dropped in a random city in Peru or El Salvador.  The Hispanic people there would probably react just as I did, having most likely never seen anybody like this in person, before their eyes.  And why shouldn’t they?  It’s completely normal.

One last point: if someone stares, jeers, or harasses you as you happen to be wearing a hijab, please keep in mind that you may have simply had an encounter with a crazy ass hole, and their behavior does not reflect fairly upon the country as a whole.  Our Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad once related a story of being followed around New York by someone threatening to call the police.  Big deal.  Get over it.  The guy’s an idiot.  My brother-in-law was recently in a Target in downtown Chicago and a woman walked up to him and yelled out to the store while she pointed at him “Somebody suck his dick!”  He didn’t take this as an attack against men by some crazy feminist or anything.  It was simply an encounter with a stupid, crazy person in a major metropolitan area – a regular occurrence.

So, if you wear a hijab and feel that people stare at you, first ask yourself “Am I an attractive woman?”  If yes, that is probably why people are staring.  If you’re ugly, they may be staring because they simply are seeing something, or somebody, they don’t often see in their daily life.  Or perhaps you happened to cross paths with one stupid, crazy person.  That’s all.  Just deal with it and move on.  We all get attention we don’t want from time to time, but we can’t stay holed up in our homes to avoid it, only going out into the world with a chaperone or something.  That’d be no way to live.

Black Lives Matter Chicago: The Dumbest Chapter

After the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the Black Lives Matter activists of Chicago – absolutely consumed by a craving for drama and activism – found two moronic ways to satisfy it.  The first popped up on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ChiCallToAction which consisted of a troupe of mostly millennial narcissists standing in the middle of the Dan Ryan expressway for a while, blocking traffic.  The second display of complete idiocy was their attempt to shut down the Taste of Chicago, a festival in which local restaurants come out to Grant Park to showcase their food, get their name out, and hopefully drum up future business.  In addition to these pathetic protests, the Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter – and thus the city itself – was represented by a woman appearing on a panel of The Kelly File calling for the abolishment of the Police.

After the two unfortunate shootings, I began to see on my various social media platforms people asking for information on upcoming protests in Chicagoland.  On July 7 – while most of the country was still unaware of the facts surrounding both shootings – a picture circulated that read as follows:


Today, Thursday July 7th there will be a CALL


Protest at 6pm @ 5101 S. Wentworth.

Join us as we remind this system of oppression

That our voices CAN NOT BE SILENCED.  [sic]

A Chicago Sun-Times article describes this brave and powerful protest against our system of oppression: “About 150 protesters walked up the on-ramp…[at] about 6:40 p.m., blocking local outbound lanes, according to Illinois State Police….  Police said the protesters dispersed and the lanes were clear about 8:25 p.m.”

What an absolute waste of time.  After seeing selfies and pictures of the crowd (in which some protesters can be seen taking selfies as well) appear on social media, I realized that I was confused as to what their purpose was.  What was the logic?  “Two black men were shot by the police.  We know it’s because of racism [their thought, not mine].  Therefore, we must stop people from reaching their exits on the highway.” (?)  I would welcome any amelioration of this attempt of mine to understand, but I fear I shan’t be offered anything except the usual nonsensical idea that “society needs to have its routine interrupted to make known  our grievances yada yada yada….”  As Chis Slavens points out in an article for The Libertarian Republic, “The problem with this thinking is that it’s arrogant and self-centered.  It presumes that random drivers don’t know about the cause, which is untrue; everybody knows about Black Lives Matter and the movement’s arguments.”

The nation as a whole is getting tired of Black Lives Matter blocking roads.  They irritate normal people trying to make their way through their day in the same crazy, unjust world the protesters inhabit, as well as hinder the movement of emergency vehicles like ambulances or people in cars that may need to get to a hospital for an emergency or even to give birth.  If the parents of any of these protesters needed medical attention and couldn’t receive it in time because of an idiotic, illogical road block, would they consider it a worthy casualty caused by jolting the system of oppression?  If so, I wonder when we’ll reach the day when BLM protesters simply throw themselves in front of buses as a suicide protest.  But we all know they wouldn’t do that.  Not after carefully choosing what t-shirt to wear, getting their backpack on, writing BLACK LIVES MATTER on placards, and taking innumerable selfies.  For if dead, they can’t bask in the warmth of self-satisfaction.  Also, I would love to meet the motorist who – after being made to sit on the highway on their way home for three additional hours – was brought to tears by such a beautiful display of social justice that they decided to join the protest and immerse themselves in the Black Lives Matter life by going to protests, using hashtags, and posting selfies – eventually graduating to rioting, looting, and destruction of property.  To be sure, they may have reached some people in such a way but I’d be willing to bet they only attracted other young, attention-seeking, thoughtless youths thirsty for pointless protests and unnecessary revolutions.

In his book Liberal Fascism,  Jonah Goldberg – commenting on Hillary Clinton’s health-care plan – quotes her response to a criticism that her plan would destroy countless small businesses: “I can’t save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America.”  Goldberg comments “If they can’t be part of the solution, who cares if they have a problem?”[1]  Black Lives Matter displayed this same callousness when they worked to shut down the Taste of Chicago.  In trying to close the event, they were messing with the economy of a city the population of which is made up of a large amount of black lives, closing a festival enjoyed by a large amount of black lives, and effecting the potential employment of black lives.  But, hey, if these black lives can’t be part of the solution, who cares if they have a problem? “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!…

BLM of Chicago was probably so excited that these two unfortunate shootings happened to coincide nearly perfectly with the Taste of Chicago, the largest food festival in the world.  For this gave them an actual target upon which to focus their unfounded rage instead of throwing water bottles (hopefully filled with only water) at cops on horseback.  CBS reported that “On Facebook, more than 600 people committed to joining the demonstration.  Their intended message was: No justice, no revenue.”  In 2015, the Taste made $320, 205 in profit.  In 2014, because of rain on the busiest day, Saturday, the Taste had losses of about $169,000.  I don’t know if Black Lives Matter realized that by shutting down the event, they’d stop the city from getting a couple hundred thousand dollars.  They probably took a quick glance at the pdf available from the (if they did any research at all) where one reads “$106 Million total business activity to the Chicago economy.”  “Total business activity”: the restaurants represented there are the ones who benefit the most, and, therefore, the communities they come from and the people in those communities who work for them and buy from them.  This is their opportunity to gain exposure to people from all around Chicago and even the world (2% of the visitors are international).  This is an opportunity for local restaurants to show what they have to offer and drum up business, which in turn would allow them to hire more people in the future.  Black Lives Matter seems not to care that this increases the likelihood of low-skilled workers, or even vain college students like themselves, finding a job.  Plus, most of the black lives actually working for the restaurants at the Taste are probably getting a lot of hours, some of which may count as overtime.  But none of this matters to the kids who want to run around with a backpack on, yell slogans, and pray so hard that they will be the picture the Chicago Tribune uses for its feature article, or that they will be visible on the evening news coverage (this being more desirable, I would imagine).

The City of Chicago estimated that there would be about one million visitors to the Taste of Chicago this year (attendance seems to hover around just over one million – depending on the weather).  But Black Lives Matter didn’t seem to notice – or even bother to learn – that about 40 percent of those visiting are African-American.  I wonder how many of those nearly 400,000 African-American visitors were with the few hundred BLM protesters trying to shut down what seems to be an enjoyable event for Black Chicago.  As is becoming more and more obvious, Black Lives Matter does not care about black lives.  I realize that their desire to ruin an event enjoyed by nearly 400,000 black people is not on par with them completely ignoring black on black crime, but, this does show that they are indeed a mob of vain, self-absorbed whiners more concerned with getting attention than with finding real solutions to real problems.  All in all, I don’t think that they made much of an impact.  Daniel Gerzina wrote at that “Attendance at this year’s Taste of Chicago was on par with 2015, reeling in an estimated 1.4 million people to Grant Park last week, according to data provided by the city.”  I’d imagine profits were similar to last year’s as well.  This would seem to line up with the coverage of CBS Chicago in which one interviewee says “If their goal was to shut it down, they definitely failed.”  Another (African-American) when asked if BLM was shutting the Taste down replied “Oh no, not at all.”

All of this obnoxiousness was capped off oh so beautifully and perfectly by a Black Lives Matter member from Chicago on national television calling for the abolishment of all police.  “We need to abolish the police.  Period.” she claimed.  I don’t wish here to argue about what she said (it is plain idiocy) or point out how much of what she said was also just plain false (police started as slave patrols?), but only to highlight that she has been manipulated and exploited in the same way that feminists have been.  Much in the way that feminists think they are helping themselves by taking their shirts off or having casual sex and yet end up only giving their “oppressor” (men) what they want, this lady sits on television advocating for a situation that would not benefit her in the least but would instead benefit criminals – the real oppressor in crime-ridden communities.

As if Chicago didn’t already have enough of a problem with its reputation what with political corruption, Al Capone, gang and gun violence, rowdy sports fans, and all the rest of it, we are now being represented nationwide by our local chapter of Black Lives Matter.  Yes, our local troupe of vain morons who act solely on the basis of feeling while completely disregarding facts and evidence that counters their narrative.  They try to disrupt the circulation of the city, mess with its economy, and make outrageous claims like proposing the abolishment of the police.  All of this while failing to achieve their goals, failing to help black lives, and taking selfies for their social media platforms.  All of this for attention. “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter….”

[1] Goldberg, Jonah, Liberal Fascism, 2009, pg. 340.

I Love Feminists!!!

FullSizeRender (1)

Like most heterosexual – and perhaps homosexual – men, I spend a great deal of time and energy, as well as tapping deep into my imaginative faculties, picturing women naked.  Granted, perverts like me (this being all men, naturally) are fortunate enough to live in an age where this is not too difficult an endeavor what with the current state of women’s fashion and the cultural acceptance of exposed skin.  But while we are grateful every day for the modern lack of material apparent in women’s clothing, I think I speak for all men when I say that we still yearn for those intimate details sitting just beneath the surface of the body-con dress, just past the fabric on the sides of the plunging neckline, or just below the fabric that sits oh so far down on an exposed back.  And if we are not driven to imagine these intimate details by the fact that they are just out of eyesight, we can also be enticed to do so by the mere shape of things.  In the same way that a uniquely-shaped Christmas present boggles the mind of a child and sets his imagination off, a perfect behind wrapped up nicely in a pair of yoga pants, squeezed into a pair of jeans, or even lightly covered by the end of a sun dress can set the adult male’s imagination off as well.

There are some men who do a great deal less imagining than others.  Here I am thinking of the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, who has likely seen so many nude women that he is only surprised by birthmarks and scars.  He’s likely seen every shape and shade of breast and areola imaginable.  But for the less-fortunate males, they have to come up with some magnificent plan to see women naked.  Today, July 18, 2016, one man has inspired perverts across the country – no the world! – who are trying to picture women naked.  That’s right, today one man was able to see standing before him 100 nude women.  And that’s not all – he was able to photograph them as well!

Spencer Tunick was able to reach out to women across the globe by posting an ad on (he may not have posted it himself as the language refers to him in the third person, but if he did and typed it that way, well that’s even better).  The ad begins thusly:

POSE NUDE in a group photograph art installation by Spencer Tunick during the week of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.”

But wait, it takes a bit more than just that.  No, some specific pandering needs to take place, for this is aimed at exploiting a certain demographic.  I’ll see if you can guess whom:

“The photograph will involve 100 nude women holding large mirror discs, reflecting the knowledge and wisdom of progressive women and the concept of ‘Mother Nature’ [oh dear] into the convention center, cityscape and horizon of Cleveland.  The philosophy of the artwork relates to the idea of the sacred feminine…. The woman becomes the future and the future becomes the woman.”

That’s right.  Feminists!  Feminists who think the best way to “stick it to the man” is to quite literally give it to the man.  Give the man exactly what he wants: T & A bare for all to see.

So Spencer lined up the women, gave them mirrors to hold up (most likely to have an unhindered view of the breasts) and took photographs to show the Republicans that……well, I don’t know what they showed them…other than their tits.  Headlines said that this was done to protest Donald Trump.  They’re gonna have to explain that a bit further.  I really don’t see how this could do anything but brighten a man’s day.  I, myself, was glad that I was able to see some boobs on my Facebook timeline.  Most of the women I saw were quite attractive too.  I wonder if Spencer had to tell some fat, ugly women “Maybe next time,” for most of the women seemed rather fit.  And thankfully there were pictures taken from multiple angles, therefore allowing me to see breasts and derrières.

Needless to say, I’m buying a camera tomorrow.  To any ladies reading this, I will be taking nude photos of women to….to….um…hmm let’s see….to fight the patriarchy! Yeah! And also….Trump!  Yeah! Because he’s a racist woman-hater.  Fuck that guy!  Take off your top!  Hold something above your head!  Now say “Cheese!”


Atheism as Masturbation

Atheism Masturbate

In a debate by Intelligence Squared U.S., the motion of which is “Science Refutes God,” the always eloquent and extremely impressive speaker Dinesh D’Souza said the following as a response to a question concerning religious experiences: “We’re talkin’ here about an experience [of having the sense of some experience of God] that’s been had by perhaps ninety percent of people in the world, from the beginning of time….”  This figure came up again in a conversation about atheism between Dave Rubin and Adam Carolla on The Rubin Report – a show I highly recommend.  In a segment of the hour-long interview with the word “Atheism” displayed next to Adam’s face in the video’s thumbnail, Dave (a self-described atheist) says “People are idiots…ninety percent of people are just morons.  Is that fair to say?” Adam (also a self-described atheist) answers “Well, ninety percent of people don’t have clearly-thought-out positions.”

I do not here wish to make any argument against or in favor of atheism or religion, but only to point out a common thread in atheism: that people (“people” never includes the atheist himself) are stupid.  I would argue that it is this idea that attracts many people to atheism – a sort of snobbery that allows one to feel that he is of a higher intelligence than ninety percent of people alive today (per Dave Rubin’s ninety percent) or than ninety percent of people in the world, from the beginning of time (per Dinesh D’Souza’s ninety percent).

First of all, I don’t know how we would determine who is smarter than who when it comes to atheists and the religious.  Perhaps we would compare IQ scores?  Perhaps, but I’d be willing to wage that there would be a good number of people educated in religious schools – and likely religious themselves – who would score much higher than a public-school-educated atheist.  (I’m talking here of comparing American atheists to the American religious, not an American Harvard graduate to a Ma`dan tibesman in the marshes of southern Iraq.)  Most atheists claim – or believe – that they are smarter than the religious because they don’t hold beliefs without evidence.  The thing is, though, that atheists do in fact hold beliefs without evidence.  This can be shown in an exchange that occurred in another episode of The Rubin Report featuring Ben Shapiro, a practicing Jew:

Dave: Anyone that’s basing anything on religion is just basing something on some unproven thing.

Ben: …Every belief system is based on something unproven.  All of them.  Human Rights means nothing.  Where do you get your basis of human rights?

Dave: From a feeling…

Ben: Exactly.

Of course, there are individual cases of idiots on both sides.  There are religious people who, even in the eyes of other religious people, are idiots.  For example, there are many Christians who would likely agree with atheists in thinking that those who take the Bible literally are not very bright.  This is demonstrated to some extent in the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate mentioned above when Dinesh D’Souza responds to Lawrence Krauss, who was telling Mr. D’Souza “You don’t really wanna go there” when talking about scientifically-refutable claims in the Bible.  “Creating day and night before you create the sun is pretty silly,” says Mr. Krauss.  To which Mr. D’Souza replies “You have a fundamentalist reading of the Bible…that may be subscribed to by three percent of Christians and 100% of atheists.”  Dinesh D’Souza does not read the Bible literally and basically concedes that it is silly to do so.  In general, the atheist takes a fundamentalist approach to a religion and then attacks the absurdity of it.  This may explain why religion is a common subject for comedy, for we often see in comedy someone taking something literally and running with it or exploiting a misinterpretation.  A classic example is the old butler who says “Walk this way,” to the guest and begins to hobble off.  The guest then follows the butler but walks behind him in the same hobbling manner: walking that way.  We see this when Ricky Gervais goes through the story of Noah’s Ark for his stand-up routine (admittedly funny) and when Christopher Hitchens mocks the Ten Commandments by saying that they are the work of a jealous God – if any God at all – since the first commandment is that one shall have no other god before Him.  Dennis Prager has put together some great videos explaining the Ten Commandments and explains the necessity of this being the first commandment: “This statement is so important that none of the other commandments make sense without it…it asserts that God is giving these commandments [no one but God, not any other god, and not any person or prophet – they come straight from the source].”  This tendency to take literally what isn’t meant to be or exploiting a particular interpretation, I think, displays the idiocy of many atheists.

Most people would probably agree with me if I were to point out that generally atheists lean left when it comes to politics.  Mix up this atheistic brand of snobbery I have been describing with liberal, progressive snobbery and you end up with Bill Maher, who could easily be described as the head of the left – one of the heads at least.  Bill Maher sees himself as an enlightened genius only driven by the facts and “what works,” easily smarter than ninety percent of the people in the world, from the beginning of time.  Go to YouTube and search “Bill Maher stupid.”  I recently did this to try to find videos rebutting statements he makes (these are hard to find but I recommend the two that I am aware of by Gavin McInnes).  Here are the titles of the first six videos that came up for me:

  1. “Real Time with Bill Maher: Americans are Stupid (HBO)”
  2. “Bill Maher: most Americans are Dumb & Undeducated”
  3. “Bill Maher: Proof of Heaven and Stupid Smart People”
  4. “Bill Maher Crazy Stupid Politics 2012”
  5. “Bill Maher: The American People are Stupid”
  6. “Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins team up to demolish stupid religious scum”

Now, my search strategy and choice of words definitely culled these videos (I only did it because when I searched “Neil DeGrasse Tyson stupid,” I found a nice rebuttal video made by an atheist), but any regular viewer of Real Time – which I have been – knows that this is the usual flavor of its content: republicans are stupid, religious people are stupid, “tea-baggers” and conservatives are stupid, anyone who disagrees with me is stupid, Americans are stupid, ninety percent of people since the beginning of time are stupid.

I am writing this as a self-described atheist, but lately I could probably be considered an agnostic.  An agnostic who has spent many years as an ardent atheist railing against all religion, but, who has recently become so terribly tired of the smugness, snobbery, and laziness of thought displayed by myself and many other atheists, as well as our thoughtless parroting of quips made by more prominent atheists like Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, and their ilk.  To be sure, I love Christopher Hitchens and he is a joy to watch and listen to, but I don’t think he gave his arguments against religion the thought he should have, nor do I believe he was willing enough to listen to his “opponents.”  This is how most atheists behave – and religious people, for that matter.  But after hearing these two citations of “ninety percent,” it struck me that the thought of being able to identify with the elite ten percent of humanity is definitely an enticement to atheism and – as detailed above – is the common outlook of prominent atheists.  Why should this intellectual masturbation not trickle down to their followers?  In the same way we masturbate to a porn star we wish we could enjoy, we – as atheists – stroke our ego to an intelligence level we wish we could enjoy.