Requiem for a Dream: Hyperbole is the Brightest Highlighter

By: Joe A while ago, I watched Requiem for a Dream for the first time in years.  The next day, I was texting with some friends about it and I remember typing “requiem for a dream is our lives.”  It seemed an intuitive thing to say at the time.  I sent that to a group... Continue Reading →


Why You Feel Like A Sex Robot

By: Joe The women’s magazine, ELLE, has a feature called “Ask E. Jean” in which readers submit questions and hopefully get a response or some advice.  Scrolling through Twitter, I happened upon a question that I found interesting which was published August 15, 2017.  The question from the reader: Dear E. Jean: Today I got incredibly... Continue Reading →

Numbers and God in David Fincher’s ‘Seven’

By Joe “The trick is to find one item, one detail, and focus on it.”                                 -Detective Somerset to Detective Mills Originally, I planned on writing about the various symbols seen throughout David Fincher’s 1997 movie Seven, but when I heard the line quoted above, I decided to focus only on the role that numbers... Continue Reading →

Classroom Anecdote 3: White Privilege Narrative as Religion

In one of the earlier discussions of my Cultural Marxism 101 class (euphemistically named “Intercultural Communications”), the chubby Latina teacher was telling us about how ‘white privilege’ can make one “at best, thoughtless and at worst, murderous.”  To accomplish this, she went over the findings of a study which apparently showed that black people and... Continue Reading →


I have recently had a few discussions and arguments about the demographics of America.  When I have mentioned that whites are becoming a minority, I have been told that this is not true.  I find this surprising because it is very easy to find people of color gloating about this on the internet (especially here)... Continue Reading →

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