I Hate Emails

Once again, I’ve been pacing the place, repeating to myself that I need to get my shit together, drinking too much again.; need to replace it with something.  So, I need to write stuff again.  After two days of calling off work because I just can’t get out of bed, I’m going in to the... Continue Reading →

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kingcobrajfs: malapropisms and mispronunciations (to be continued…)

Things that m'lord has said incorrectly. Slowly combing through clips to add any more that I hear for myself. Catch you cool cobras later. "Cardinal Cherries" for Cordial Cherries "Billie Elighzh" for Billie Eilish "Pramazhan" for Parmesan "Bill Barr" for Bill Burr "Churn O'Boil" for Chernobyl "monitorization" for monetization "phonicsly" for phonetically "nestle" (as in... Continue Reading →

On Drinking and Quitting

[B]esoin d’écrire et besoin de ne plus [boire] s’épaulent…. -Adaptation of a line by Roland Dubillard Written on day one of quitting drinking.  Forgive the quality if poor. One of the problems with drinking too much is that space (places in your life) becomes stained with the filth of drunkenness.  You connect your world around... Continue Reading →

Alcohol, Death and Poetry: Give the Drunkard’s Words Some Time

“Il y a sur la boule terrestre une foule innombrable, innomée, dont le sommeil n’endormirait pas suffisament les souffrances.  Le vin compose pour eux des chants et des poèmes.”[1] -Charles Baudelaire, Paradis Artificiels About a month or two ago, when winter began really to show itself in the Midwest, my circle of friends and I... Continue Reading →

Waiting For My Amazon Shipment

I couldn’t have chosen Prime.  Not even if I tried.  Prime does nothing for transatlantic shipments…. I ordered my book when I was halfway through the second-to-last book I read: that book referenced the one I ordered.  Well, I finished that book…then another…and now I’m too stressed to select another to read: once I begin... Continue Reading →

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