“Sex and Lies, Sexual Life in Morocco” by Leila Slimani [Review]

Recently, with an Amazon gift card from a generous employer, I purchased the $40.00 book Sexe et Mensonges (La Vie Sexuelle Au Maroc) by the slender and sexy author Leila Slimani (there should be an umlaut in her first name), published in 2017.  I expected it to be similar to Sex and the Citadel by... Continue Reading →


Waiting For My Amazon Shipment

I couldn’t have chosen Prime.  Not even if I tried.  Prime does nothing for transatlantic shipments…. I ordered my book when I was halfway through the second-to-last book I read: that book referenced the one I ordered.  Well, I finished that book…then another…and now I’m too stressed to select another to read: once I begin... Continue Reading →

Numbers and God in David Fincher’s ‘Seven’

By Joe “The trick is to find one item, one detail, and focus on it.”                                 -Detective Somerset to Detective Mills Originally, I planned on writing about the various symbols seen throughout David Fincher’s 1997 movie Seven, but when I heard the line quoted above, I decided to focus only on the role that numbers... Continue Reading →

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